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Light and Sound Engineer Services  
in and around the Suffolk and Essex area

Are you looking for someone to manage sound and/or lighting? Contact Magic Media Street. We are experienced in sound and lighting for a variety of events. Please call to discuss any requirement that you may have.

Sound and light solutions

We can supply up to a 4K sound system with lighting if required.  This can include up to 6 foldback monitors, microphones and stands for drums, vocals, amps, DI boxes for keys etc.  This is up to 32 channels and all driven by an experienced sound engineer.  For bigger gigs, we team up with our colleagues at Creative Sound and Light for systems up to 20K.

If you want an initial quote for professional sound and light services, contact Magic Media Street. Our quote includes any set up and take down of equipment. It also includes the quote for the light and sound engineer.
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Example setups

Example setups include:
  • Corporate sales talk / town hall: 2x front of house speakers on stands, 2x satellite speakers on stands (typically halfway down the hall), 1x monitor/ foldback speaker, 2x microphones (radio mic available for audience Q&A), mixer with inputs for mic and multimedia facilities, 4x spotlights.
  • Pub/ club music events: 2x sub speakers, 2x FOH speakers on stands, 4x monitor/ foldback speakers, 8x drum mics, instrument mics and DI (direct input), 4x vocal mics (including stands), mixer with the ability to record the performance if required, LED lighting rig consisting of par cans, strobe, moving heads, scanners and fog machine.
sound and light solutions

Professional sound and light solutions

We can provide a range of sound and light solutions for all events, including the following:
  • Corporate events
  • Weddings
  • Bands / solo / duo / comedians
  • Garden parties
  • House concerts
  • Open mic sessions
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Village fetes
  • Beer festivals
You can depend on us for customised services at any event. Get in touch with our expert light and sound engineer today.

To discuss your event requirements then please call us on

07900 225 723

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