Record yourself Singing or Playing 

Ever fancied recording a song just for yourself or as a demo for an audition, live work, or your live act, band?
We can supply backing tracks for you to record yourself singing, playing or record your act, band at a venue or live gig of your choice.  We can tailor a package to suit your needs so please contact us to discuss your requirements.  We also offer gift tokens if you know someone special that would really appreciate the chance of a lifetime.
Recording Services Suffolk

Well-equipped for your live or studio 
recording in and around Ipswich 

Recording Studio Suffolk

All types of music arrangements

From solo acoustic acts to 11-piece soul bands with 4 part brass sections, we have the experience and the expertise to record all types of music arrangements. 

Once the recording is done, we can supply the multi-track to you, so you can edit, mix and master the music yourself or, at your request, we can also supply this service. 
Live Recording Suffolk

A wide range of recording solutions

Currently my main areas of recording include the following:
  • Multi tracking
  • Live gigs
  • Studio recording
  • Rehearsal room recording
  • Solo acoustic acts

About Us

Starting in the late 1980s, I had my own music studio setup that included Cubase on an Atari ST and an 8-track Fostex reel-to-reel recorder that was synced to Cubase via SMPTE.

These days we use software mixers, synths, sound modules, effect units and drum machines as well as musicians like yourselves.  We have many years of experience recording bands and students.  I have also recorded custom backing tracks for my own solo and duo acts in the past.  Currently, I use Logic Pro on a Mac system and a Behringer X32 Mixer for live and multitrack recordings which gives us the ability to be mobile and flexible.

Magic Media Street   From live to midi-based recording solutions, we can provide you the complete music studio recording package.  For more details, call me today on

07900 225 723

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